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    Bauhaus, Lindig, Körting – Herzlich Willkommen auf der Internetseite zur Dornburger Keramik – Werkstatt.

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    »Impressionen aus der ehemaligen Bauhaus – Töpferei«

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    »Impressionen aus der ehemaligen Bauhaus – Töpferei«

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    »Impressionen aus der ehemaligen Bauhaus – Töpferei«

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    »Impressionen aus der ehemaligen Bauhaus – Töpferei«

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    »Impressionen aus der ehemaligen Bauhaus – Töpferei«

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    »Impressionen aus der ehemaligen Bauhaus – Töpferei«

the museum-project
  • Bauhaus, Lindig, Körting

three well sounding names in the history of ceramics and all three are connected with the small Thuringian town Dornburg. The potters and the pottery behind these names characterize the history of one and the same workshop – the pottery workshop in the Marstall-Building quite near the widely known Dornburg Castles. That is a unique constellation in the ceramic history.

  • Further more:

The continuous use as a pottery in economically difficult times and under GDR-conditions led to the fact that parts of the equipment from different periods of use have been well preserved – a place of real authenticity, a place for gaining special experience
Due to this outstanding importance, it was no coincidence that the support group being in charge of the Ceramic Museum in Bürgel (only 15 km far from Dornburg) took notice of the workshop and its history.

  • Since 2010 the association with a lot of partners has committed itself to the goal to safeguard the ceramic manufacturing as handicraft in Dornburg, to maintain the tradition at the original place and to show that to the public.

The historic part of the workshop is planned to be accessible within the frame of a presentation as a museum. The continuation of the pottery on reduced space in the immediate vicinity of the historic showrooms marks the connection to the lively and present pottery trade.

Dornburg - already an attractive popular resort for tourists in the east of Thuringia will offer an additional destination with the Dornburg Ceramic Workshop to the existing UNESCO-World- Heritage sites of the Bauhaus.

  • new object on long-term loan for dornburg project

The couple Barbara and Axel Weinhold from Weimar have given an important exhibit for the project of reorganizing the former Bauhaus Pottery to become a museum. It is a

  • pot for jam, 20cm high with drawings carved by Gerhard Marcks.

The vessel might belong to the first items that were fired by the Bauhaus students sent to Dornburg. The following facts speak for this assumption: adhering to the traditional shape and the use of the traditional initiation glaze (german: Anwurfglasur). There are new elements as well: the carved décor looking like a comic and the painted glaze (german: Glasurmalerei) on the figures done with a brush. Just recently a similar piece was given to the Klassik Foundation in Weimar. So far they have been the only renowned items of this kind from the beginning of the Dornburg Bauhaus Pottery.

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