Guided tours for groups through the workshop are possible on request. If you are interested, please get in touch with the Ceramic Museum Bürgel. In addition the workshop is open at
special occasions




Support Group/ Registered Association Ceramics Museum Bürgel and Dornburg Ceramics Workshop (e.V.)

Contact person:
Konrad Kessler, Head of Museum, Historian

Am Kirchplatz 2 · 07616 Bürgel
Telephone: 03 66 92 – 37 333
Telefax: 03 66 92 – 37 334

The following publications about several Dornburg ceramicists are already available in the museum’s shop of the Ceramics Museum Bürgel:
Körting-Keramik. Sieben Jahrzehnte, 2011, 56 S., 15 x 15 cm,
5,00 Euro
Otto Lindig. Die Dornburger Zeit, 2009, 48 S. 15 x 15 cm,
4,00 Euro

In addition you can find a selection of current ceramic products, made by Ulrich Körting, in the museum’s shop of the Ceramics Museum Bürgel. The most popular figures with turning head, e.g. the owl, the raven, the budgie or the bear, can be delivered within a few days after payment in advance. In case of ordering other animal figures or vases delivery periods of up to one month have to be considered depending on the process of manufacturing.


Bei der Bestellung von anderen Tierfiguren und Vasen muss je nach Herstellungsaufwand mit einer Lieferzeit von bis zu einem Monat gerechnet werden.