Bauhaus-Workshop-Museum Dornburg

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Bauhaus-Workshop-Museum Dornburg
Max-Krehan-Straße 1
07774 Dornburg
Telefon: 036 427 – 219 511

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Ceramics Museum Bürgel
Am Kirchplatz 2
07616 Bürgel
Telephone: 03 66 92 – 37 333
Telefax: 03 66 92 – 37 334

Bauhaus-Workshop-Museum Dornburg
Tuesday – Sunday: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

There are special opening hours available on request and guided tours after an appointment.

Adults 6,00 €
Students/adult with a child/visitors with an identity card for the disabled 4,00 €
Members of the German and International Museums Association and of the Support Group free of charge
Rate for guided tour 40,00 €
Fee for taking photos 1,00 €
Special events according to special pricing

The Museum

Bauhaus, Lindig, Körting – three well sounding names in the history of ceramics and all three are connected with the small Thuringian town Dornburg. The potters and the pottery behind these names characterize the history of one and the same workshop – the pottery workshop in the Marstall-Building quite near the widely known Dornburg Castles. That is a unique constellation in the ceramic history.

Further more: The continuous use as a pottery in economically difficult times and under GDR-conditions led to the fact that parts of the equipment from different periods of use have been well preserved – a place of real authenticity, a place for gaining special experience

Dornburg – already an attractive popular resort for tourists in the east of Thuringia will offer an additional destination with the Dornburg Ceramic Workshop to the existing

UNESCO-World- Heritage sites of the Bauhaus.