Support group

The support group founded in Bürgel in 1993 wanted to support the development of the Ceramics Museum. In 2004 this association took over the task from the local authority to be in charge of the museum.

The year 2011 was particularly important for Dornburg. Then the members passed a fundamental expansion of the rules of procedure in their general meeting. In addition to the management and further development of the Museum in Bürgel a second support goal of the non-commercial activity was decided on:


The Dornburg Pottery Workshop shall be maintained at its original place as the only existing workshop of the Weimar Bauhaus and shall be opened to the general public as a museum.

Private persons, associations and companies can support our association in implementing this goal by becoming a member in our support group or by donations in money and in kind.

Here you can download our current form to become a member in the association and our current rules of procedure as well: