Lively workshop

The workshop in the Marstall has been run by the master potter Ulrich Körting up to today. He is the owner of the models and rights of numerous animal sculptures, vessel and décor designs developed by his parents Heiner-Hans and Lisa Körting. They represent a considerable part of the current manufacture. In addition he makes his own, independent craft ceramics.

Once the workshop stretched on the whole ground floor of the building. Nowadays Ulrich Körting manufactures in the right wing of the building, the former kitchen of the castle. In the future it will be possible to watch the potter while working from those rooms of the Bauhaus Pottery belonging to the museum.

At present the pottery is usually open on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on special occasions, as the Day of Open Pottery at the beginning of March, Dornburg Rose Festival at the end of June or the Castles Night in August.

Some of the products, as for instance the popular figures with turning heads can be bought via the Ceramics Museum Bürgel.